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The history of SOL Group starts in 1927 with Giovanni Annoni and Aldo Fumagalli from Monza, who started up two factories to produce oxygen and acetylene in Italy, one in Leghorn and the other in Ancona. 90 years later, SOL Group is a multinational company active in Europe, Asia, Africa and South America with more than 4,000 employees.

During the 80s SOL started its geographical expansion,  establishing the first two branches outside Italy and this expansion is still happening today.

In 2012 SOL Group established BTG Gases in Kent, UK.

Initially BTG Gases was active in the medical sector, supplying medical gases to NHS and private hospitals, clinics and surgeries.

In 2013 BTG Gases was awarded on the National Framework Agreement for the supply of Nitric Oxide (NO): this gas is mainly used in Critical Care Units for a range of applications and requires extremely accurate dosing and continuous monitoring of the level of Nitric Oxide being administered to the patient. Our innovative business model combined with a gold standard service in terms of

  • End users training;
  • Customer service;
  • Maintenance and management of emergencies

have all been key factors in our success in this particular therapy area. Since 2013, BTG Gases has become the trusted partner for inhaled Nitric Oxide therapy for some of the largest users across the UK, acquiring a significant market share.

Since 2016, BTG Gases has also started offering industrial and scientific gases, which can be supplied either directly from our site in Kent or through our network of agents.

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