Hydrogen (H2)

Sol produces and sells Hydrogen in a wide range of purities, depending on customers’ uses and requirements.

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Technical Sheets

Industrial grade hydrogen


High purity hydrogen

≥ 99.95% (3.5)

                                      >99.9999% (6.0)

Standard Mixtures
Hydrogen - argon gas mixtures  From ppb to 99.95%
Hydrogen - nitrogen gas mixtures 
Multi component standard mixtures
Hydrogen - argon - carbon dioxide gas mixtures  From ppb to 99.95%
Hydrogen - argon - carbon dioxide - helium gas mixtures 
Hydrogen - argon - helium gas mixtures 
Special mixtures 

SOL can supply, on request, special mixtures containing varying quantities of hydrogen. Ask for your customised mixture!

From ppb to 99.9999%

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