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Cooling and cryogenics

During the cooling and temperature control of production reactors, high thermal capacity may be required in a very short time: the technology for rapid, controlled cooling with cryogenic liquid nitrogen frees very low temperature frigories in a flexible, extremely rapid way, guaranteeing the effective and stringent control of process.

The use of liquid nitrogen is not only necessary in controlling processes at cryogenic temperatures (< -100°C), but also makes it possible to avoid oversizing and large investments – and consumption of electrical energy – that derive from using refrigerating groups, especially when the production cycle requiring temperature control is not continuous, but in batches.

With its experience in the sector, SOL provides all apparatus and personnel for using liquid nitrogen with the maximum efficacy and in complete safety: thanks to its continuous research into efficacious and efficient technologies, and its cooperation with highly qualified operators, SOL can provide its customers with customised solutions and the most advanced control applications available on the market.

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