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Grinding and micronisation

Traditional grinding processes at environmental temperature fail to provide acceptable results in the case of several chemical and pharmaceutical products, due to the size of the particles, product quality and safety; this is mainly owing to the heating that the product undergoes during grinding, and to the presence of humidity and oxygen that degrade the product. In these conditions, the increase in temperature can bring about profound changes in the product to be treated: the formation of undesired sub-products, a wide range of particle sizes and the creation of potentially unsafe conditions.

An effective, often advantageous solution is to cool the product dramatically as it enters the microniser, and while it is inside, by injecting cryogenic liquid nitrogen, or in some cases carbon snow. This technology renders the product to be treated highly fragile, making it easier to grind and with lower energy costs, and results in particles with a narrow, homogeneous size distribution, and an inert, protective atmosphere during grinding.

SOL offers integrated solutions for grinding and micronisation processes, making it possible to produce plants suitable for the use of cryogenic gases thanks to the company’s cooperation with highly qualified operators, and its acquired experience. The liquid nitrogen is made available in suitable plant with controlled pressure and capacity, and all process parameters are constantly monitored.

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