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The concentration of calcium and magnesium ions in water varies depending both on the source of the water – as a consequence of the type of rock that the water comes into contact with – and on the treatment that the water is subjected to, for example in order to reduce turbidity which may also entail a reduction in the quantity of dissolved salts. The concentration of calcium and magnesium ions determines a water’s degree of hardness: if the concentration of such salts is very low, then the correct level needs to be re-established in order to attain the legally-recommended minimum degree of hardness.

In this regard, SOL offers products, services and technology that have been widely tested in a number of different fields: the desired degree of hardness is obtained through the addition of an opportune quantity of certified food-grade salts and CO2, with standard doses of CO2 of a few ppm, depending on the initial degree of hardness and on other parameters involved in the process. SOL’s technology accurately controls these doses by regulating the quantity of CO2 to be put into the water, on the basis of several parameters controlled by a cascade control system. Moreover, the plant-related operations required for the introduction of the CO2 are simple and non-invasive.  

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