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Wastewater denitrification - NAD

The presence of high levels of nitrogen compounds in wastewater, over and above those needed for the balanced feeding of the activated sludge in relation to the quantity of BOD to be treated found in the wastewater of various industrial activities, requires specific treatment and dedicated plant if these levels are to be reduced. The use of NAD technology, which employs the timed introduction of pure oxygen through Ecojet®, makes it possible to tackle, and in many cases solve, this problem with limited investment and using the existing treatment plant structures.

A sufficient quantity of oxygen dissolved in the oxidation section of the treatment plant, so that the bacteria can denitrify the dissolved nitrogen compounds, is guaranteed by the great flexibility and speed of dissolution of Ecojet® , while conditions for denitrification and the removal of these compounds in the form of nitrogen is achieved through the timing of oxygen introduction. The NAD protocols and methods are defined by the SOL technological service on the basis of a specific study and of any field tests needed.

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