Food & Beverage

Gases and technologies for the food and beverage sector

Guarantee of quality and safety for food and beverage products

The food and beverage sector must meet consumers’ requirements by offering natural, fresh and safe products without neglecting availability, assortment, convenience and practicality.

BTG Gases offers its customers tailor made solutions, working together to improve the quality standards of their products. Food products can be frozen with liquid nitrogen or carbon dioxide, packaged in modified atmosphere and controlled using nitrogen and other gases so that the appearance and taste are preserved. Crops and plants are treated in greenhouses with atmosphere rich in carbon dioxide to accelerate and improve their growth. Fish are intensively farmed thanks to oxygen use. Spices and coffee can be ground at very low temperatures using liquid nitrogen, to preserve their aroma and quality. The gases supplied by BTG Gases are certified for use with food in accordance with European regulations.