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Beverage Carbonation

CO2 is mainly used in the beverage sector for the carbonation of soft drinks, beer and sparking water. The constant attention to the needs of the beverage industry and the experience matured by BTG Gases in the production and distribution of beverage quality CO2 underpins the development of BTG Gases’s service.

Within the context of liquid CO2 supplies for the carbonation of drinks, BTG Gases has established a specific control procedure based on practices that meet requirements in terms of environmental, personal and equipment safety such that BTG Gases’s CO2 quality is also certified to ISO 22000 and FSSC 22000 standards, making BTG Gases a leader in the CO2 market. SOL can provide an Analysis Certificate indicating compliance with ISBT Specification requirements.

 BTG Gases’s services in the beverage industry focus mainly on the quality and safety of the CO2 products supplied to its customers and these services comprise:

  • An HACCP plan for CO2 food grade E290 involving product traceability and hygiene control in the entire supply chain from production to delivery
  • Batch test report and certificates for food-grade CO2
  • ISBT standard certification for the beverage industry with specific food-grade quality (CO2 ingredient)
  • Food- certified equipment for CO2 distribution (gas mixer, manifold, pressure reducer, hoses)
  • Safety data sheet concerning potential hazards and best practise when using CO2.
Beverage Carbonation

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