Food & Beverage

Transport at controlled temperature

The call for the medium and long – distance delivery of perishable products such as fresh and frozen foods or pharmaceutical products, sometimes with stopovers in towns that require the engine, and thus the mechanical refrigeration system of the vehicle, to be turned off, demands equipment that can guarantee the cold chain is maintained: BTG Gases  has developed technologies, products and services that employ CO2 in its solid form - dry ice, carbon dioxide snow (sometimes also liquid nitrogen) - in order to offer an effective and efficient solution to this problem by reducing waste and product returns.

In fact, the refrigerating properties of carbon dioxide can be exploited when introduced in the form of dry ice or carbon dioxide snow into the box used for food deliveries: a correct quantity of CO2 can be the right solution to the problem of how to maintain the cold chain of perishable products.

For the long-distance and transportation of frozen food, the introduction of liquid nitrogen into the transport container by means of automatic devices triggered by its internal temperature, enables the cold chain to be preserved even in the case of prolonged stops with the engine switched off , for example during the summer w hen outside temperatures are high.

The interior temperature of the vehicle is measured by systems provided by SOL that are periodically calibrated and certified, and this also makes it possible to issue end users with a certificate of compliance complete with regulations on the transportation of perishable products.