Metal Production

Process and wastewater treatment

SOL offers products, technologies and services for the treatment of process water and the purifying of wastewater that guarantee high performance and are based on the considerable experience it has acquired within the sector. For example, the treatment of wastewater requires great care and the specialised management of plants and processes, because of the nature of those components that may be dissolved in it, and that are sometimes concentrated and not always easy to break down.

SOL offers solutions that meet the full range of customer requirements, from the supply of plant designed to increase the purifying capacity of the biological section, to the control of pH, the use of ozone as an antifouling agent, and also solutions for eliminating excess ammonia or reducing sulphur compounds and colour, odour or surfactants.

SOL is constantly engaged in the research and development of technological applications for waste treatment: the main solutions offered by SOL for water treatment are:

  • Increasing the purifying capacity of the biological section using patented plant
  • Sulphide oxidation
  • Ammonia reduction, the NAD process
  • Removal of scum, odours and aerosols
  • Reduction of organic micro-pollutants
  • Removal of surfactants and colour
  • Stabilisation of excess sludge
  • Groundwater treatment
  • Anti-fouling and disinfection of process water treatments

The solution supplied by SOL are fully adaptable to specific customer needs. SOL follows the project right from the first design phases through manufacture, start-up, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, using expert and highly qualified personnel.

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