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Enhanced oil (or gas) recovery - EOR

The exploitation of hydrocarbon deposits using EOR techniques has become standard practice thanks also to the availability of products with a very low, or zero, environmental impact, such as nitrogen and CO2 , together with the innovative technologies developed for their use.

The injection of gas into wells using plant and apparatus that can operate in the cryogenic phase, is currently the most popular approach, thanks to improved results compared with other techniques; nitrogen is the chosen gas for natural gas wells, since its interaction with the environment is limited, while CO2 is preferred for crude oil wells since it reduces the viscosity of the oil.
The regular availability of cryogenic gas at the place of use, based on a shared programme of activities and continuous, planned exchanges of information, making it possible to follow the progress of operations, and to foresee and resolve any problems that arise, are the hallmarks of the service offered by SOL under the acronym SENS: a platform for organising and managing dedicated stockage, road tankers with special filler pumps and technical assistance at the usage site, thus enabling customers to use their staff for well operations.

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