For Healthcare

Consultancy for the design and compliance of centralised systems

Technical regulations and national and regional legal constraints on the design of plant for the distribution of medical gas, vacuum and the evacuation of anaesthetic gases have undergone considerable evolution over the years.

SOL was the first company to obtain, in 1998, certification that today takes the form of the UNI ISO EN 13485:2004 standard for the design, construction and technical management of plant for the centralised distribution of medical gases and medical devices.

The active participation of SOL experts in regulatory UNI and ISO technical round tables guarantees the availability of design specialists always focused on the most innovative plant solutions, when a new health structure is created or existing distribution networks modified to meet requirements.

SOL has also built up extensive experience in the design of lines for transporting cryogenic liquid nitrogen, and more generally in cryobanks conforming to the essential requisites of Directive 93/42/EEC, obtaining overall EC marking for medical devices.