For Healthcare

Environmental, particle and specific pollutants monitoring

Thanks to the experience gained in the sector since the 1990s, SOL currently offers a complete range of services for the environmental monitoring of particles and specific substances (for example anaesthetic gases in operator environments), custom designed for each type of room in the hospital facility according to the effective risks of exposure.

The monitoring services can involve periodic measurements carried out by specialised operators using dedicated mobile devices, all with the installation of fixed measurement stations that keep the selected pollution parameters under constant control.

The data gathering and accounting system is a guaranteed tool for the benefit of the safety manager and control staff of the health facility, and is designed to ensure the safety of operators and patients, and if necessary to adopt the necessary countermeasures if readings are abnormal.

Cooperation and liasison with experts in the sector, who meet at technical round tables organised in order to draft regulations and guidelines for the sector, is a guarantee of absolute quality.